Take a trip and then come back to reality


I took a wonderful trip with my son and daughter in law to the beach.  It was all amazing and I’m ready to go back.  But, its time to get back to reality and do stuff here that needs done.


I’ve neglected my garden, tho a neighbor had agreed to water for me while I was away, and he saved everything!  Now I’m concentrating on the weeds, which of course grew as well as the veggies did.

It’s time to do simple summer afternoon pleasures and slow down and enjoy each moment, here, now, cos Today is what we each have.

summer pleasures


And sit on my little stool and drink coffee.  And write more blogs!  A couple of you wondered where I went, bless your hearts.  I’ve just been lazy, and away and busy and it’s all good.


8 responses to “Take a trip and then come back to reality

  1. Happy you had a chance to get away for a bit to create happy memories. Welcome back…. in spite of the weeds.

  2. The beach?!?! I’m slightly jealous! I’m so glad you had a good time 🙂 But if you’re like me, even on trips you really enjoy, coming back home is one of those feelings that can’t be replaced….weeds and all!

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